Changing Your Password

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If you've forgotten your login information, you have a few options.  


Forgot Your Username?

If you don't remember the ID you use to login, send your full name to or send it to one of our agents through the support chat.  We will be happy to look up your information for you.  

We send users invoice e-mails after they have signed up at Fantasy Labs, so if you are able to locate that e-mail, you will have your username.  As a reminder, your username is likely the same as your personal e-mail address.


Forgot Your Password?

If you've forgotten your password or would like it changed for another reason, you can update it at any time.  To do so, first logout (My Account>Logout).  Next, you will see the Login screen:

At the bottom of this area, click on the link under the "Forgot Your Password?" heading.  From there, you will be able to create a new password.

If you have trouble with that, our support agents can also send a password change request to you via e-mail.  Once you have provided your information to one of our agents, you will receive an e-mail that will contain a reset link similar to the one pictured below:



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