How do I reactivate my account?

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If your account is currently in cancelled status and you would like Pro access, follow these steps to reactivate:

-Login using your last credentials used.

-Navigate to Player Models or Trends.

-Since you are attempting to access a premium area of the site with a cancelled account, you will be prompted to reactivate your Pro membership.  You will see the following notice:

-After you click on "Reactivate Now!", we will confirm the payment before charging your account.  You will be prompted to reactivate into the last plan you used.  If you were on a $15 trial plan, you will be charged $15 and will reactivate into a five-day trial.  If you were previously in the $59 monthly plan, you will be charged $59 for one month's membership.

Once you press "Confirm", we will charge your account.  Next, you will see a "success" or "failure" message.  If the transaction was successful, you may now access our premium content.

If you'd like to get into a different plan than is listed or if you run into any trouble, one of our support staff can help you reactivate your membership. You can contact us through the "Chat" window at or via email at


Updating Payment Info

If you need to update your payment method from the last one we charged, you can do so by going to My Account>Subscriptions>Update Payment Method.  Otherwise, we can issue a charge to your payment method on file to reactivate your membership.  Unfortunately, users cannot manually reactivate their membership through "My Account" at this time.

Please note that updating your payment info does not automatically reactivate your account. You still need to click the 'Reactivate Now' button pictured above. 


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