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The NBA Matchups page is a helpful resource that will allow you to view both teams' projected starting fives and how each player will match up defensively. It also allows you to toggle through a number of different types of statistics and projections, see Vegas data and news all in one place.


Start off by choosing the team you're interested in by selecting the drop-down in the top-left corner of the page. In this example, we'll be looking at the Houston Rockets. 

The default statistical category is 'Advanced', but you can also select 'FantasyLabs/Ownership', 'Shooting' and 'Play Type' in the drop-down in the top-center of your page. You can also toggle between DraftKings and FanDuel projections right next to the Stats drop-down. 

From here you can see how each starter has performed thus far in the season, as well as how their counterpart on the other team has done defensively. The colored bars all reflect the offensive player -- the more green and the brighter the green, the better. If you wanted to flip and view the Grizzlies' players projections, you can click the 'Swap' button in the top right.


On the bottom of each positional matchup you'll see our own projections for fantasy points, Plus/Minus and ownership. For example, Danuel House is projected to accumulate 27.5 fantasy points -- 7.6 points more than his $4500 salary-based expectation (a very strong number) -- and be owned in 13-16% of GPPs. 


The top right corner of the page is dedicated to basic game info and Vegas data, where you can find the spread, over/under and public betting percentages. Houston (-5.5) is getting 69% of spread bets on the road vs. Memphis in this example. The over/under is 230 is on the high side, which means we might expect to see several players in this game receive high ownership compared to players in a game with an over/under closer to 200.

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