Multi-Lineup Builder: Common Issues

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The Lineup Builder will attempt to create the specified number of lineups based on a set of criteria which can be controlled by the user.  In most cases, the Lineup Builder will be able to create lineups using the default settings, but in some cases, the settings may be too restrictive and cause the Lineup Builder to get hung up.

In addition to the model you are using, the Lineup Builder will consider salary cap, exposure, and filter settings.

  • Min Salary Cap%


This field controls the minimum percentage of total salary cap that must be spent on each team.  This field can cause issues on smaller slates where it may not be possible to spend the entire salary cap.  If the Lineup Builder is not returning lineups, try lowering this value at least 10 points before rerunning.



By applying filters, you can create a pool of players who match a specified set of conditions.  But in some cases, you may be unintentionally restricting players that you would like to target or, at worst, reducing the player pool to the point where it is no longer possible to create hundreds of valid lineups.

If the Lineup Builder is not able to create lineups, try removing all filters and rerunning the tool.  If the Lineup Builder is successful with no filters applied, try re-applying them one by one.  By default, you may see one that says “Top X% in Pos Rating”



  • Exposure

You can ensure that certain players will appear on your rosters by specifying a target exposure level.  However, it is also possible to be too restrictive with exposure.  Though it may be possible to set 100% target exposure levels at each position, in many cases, this will not be mathematically possible based on the player salaries.  Be sure to leave some “wiggle room” at each position so that the Lineup Builder can create valid lineups.

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