Since You Provide Lineup Ratings, is There Still Skill Involved?

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Playing DFS against players always requires skill, and no DFS instruments can promise you a win. This is the charm of a zero-sum contest against competitors: the art of decision-making constantly resides with you.

We offer an extensively studied, data-influenced, and technologically-supported assessment of every lineup that goes through SimLabs. This is designed to serve as a reliable resource in your decision-making process, acting as one of many factors to consider when devising your plan for the upcoming slate.

Here’s a nugget of wisdom: success might come in spurts through blind faith in other people’s viewpoints and recommendations. Yet, success in DFS usually harmonizes crowd wisdom with their data-oriented strategies to achieve sustained victory over time. Keep this in mind as you review your SimLabs feedback and utilize your expertise and abilities to take charge of the lineups you choose to participate in.

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