How Does the Advanced Settings Tab Work?

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You can tailor your SimLabs experience to your preference by utilizing the advanced settings tab. Every slider you see corresponds to a specific weighting percentage in the SimLabs Rating. The configuration of your settings will determine the variety in your resulting lineups.

Simulation Weight: This is where we run a complete simulation of the slate, inclusive of both the outcomes of the games and the DFS contest results. A higher Simulation Weight assigns more value to those lineups that demonstrated superior outcomes in these simulations.

Projection Weight: This setting determines the significance of Simulated fantasy points in your SimLabs rating. It is the traditional method used for assessing your lineups.

Ownership Weight: This option allows you to adjust the significance of Simulation ownership in your SimLabs rating. Increasing this weighting percentage will boost the optimal rates of your lineup, but it also increases expected ownership. Conversely, a lower ownership setting will result in lower optimal rates and ownership. Although having high optimal rates is typically beneficial, there can also be an advantage in possessing more unique lineups (lower ownership).

Upside Weight: You can adjust the Upside weight in your SimLabs rating. An increased percentage leans towards the upside but could also increase volatility. The upside is influenced by several elements, such as the lineup’s deviation level and its likelihood of achieving superior finishes within the simulation.

Correlation Weight: Adjust the correlation weight in your SimLabs rating. A higher percentage supports stacking and the creation of correlated lineups.

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