How Does SimLabs Work?

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  1. We simulate a slate’s games thousands of times.
  2. We follow a process to generate a massive pool of lineups from those simulations.
  3. The generated lineups are shaped and filtered to look like a real-life DFS contest field of lineups, as we project it to look across four common contest types.
  4. We simulate the results of a DFS contest thousands of times using the lineups available to each contest and then tabulate the results.
  5. Each lineup is rated relative to other lineups in the “universe” to show how they performed. (And all of the above happens long before you ever even open the tool!)
  6. We allow you to combine the results of the simulation with other factors, such as their projections, correlation elements, upside, and ownership.

You can weigh and control these to form your own personal lineup models.

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