What is the Difference Between SimLabs and an Optimizer?

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Optimizers are engineered to deliver the most optimal outcomes in accordance with a defined set of rules.

In contrast, SimLabs operates on a simpler concept. You instruct SimLabs on how to assess lineups, and in turn, it produces a distinct selection of lineups for your consideration.

Both experiences are unique and come with their own sets of pros and cons.

Optimizers offer an extraordinary amount of control and adaptability, along with an almost infinite variety of outcome combinations. However, they also present a steep learning curve and mandate several of DFS’ most significant hurdles (e.g., correlation, diversity, lineup evaluation) to be approximated and/or manufactured.

On the other hand, SimLabs is straightforward, user-friendly, and employs a comprehensive approach in evaluating a lineup. Factors such as correlation and upside are inherently considered within its framework. However, you won’t have the depth of control options or response permutations (in some but not all cases) as the optimizer.

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