Will My Results Look the Same as Others?

  • Updated

We have taken steps in the design to focus on a unique experience for users and done so with integrity of responses.

  • The results range has been designed to ensure a diverse set of results, even when two users input identical model settings.
  • The model settings further help a community member set a specific combination of metrics that aid them in customized, unique responses.
  • The ability to exclude or include players and adjust exposure settings also plays a significant role in influencing the generation response.
  • Using the saved lineup feature and leveraging multiple executions to achieve a lineup set can also be a strong tool for maintaining a unique SimLabs experience.

Just like any lineup generation tool, there is a possibility that you may receive the same lineup as another player. This is where your proficiency and understanding of the DFS game become crucial. You always have the ultimate power of decision-making at your disposal, determining how you choose to engage with your opponents.

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