What Is the Bar Chart at the Bottom of Each Lineup Card?

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The SimLabs rating system is comprised of 5 crucial metrics that are displayed here.

These metrics are gauged on a scale from 0 to 99. It’s common to encounter lineups that boast numerous green ratings. This is because we want you to initially consider SimLabs’ version of an ideal lineup before venturing into something more unconventional.

Projection: This is a rating between 0 and 99, which compares the projection of this lineup against others in the field.

pOWN: This metric, scored from 0 to 99, evaluates the ownership rating of this lineup in comparison to other lineups in the field. A higher score on this scale implies a higher likelihood of high ownership, but it also typically signifies that the lineup consists of optimal plays.

Top 100: This metric, rated from 0 to 99, measures how frequently this lineup appears in the top 100. A higher score here indicates that it ranked in the top 100 more frequently than other lineups in the field. Keep in mind this figure may vary depending on your contest field type.

ITM: An abbreviation for “in the money.” This metric, ranging from 0 to 99, gauges how often this lineup hits the cash line. A higher score here means it ended up “in the money” more frequently than other lineups in the field. Note that this figure may vary depending on your contest field type.

SimWgt: The term “Simulation Weight” refers to a scale rating from 0 to 99, which gauges the performance of a lineup in a competitive simulation in relation to your field type. A lineup that scores higher on this scale indicates its superior performance over time when compared to other lineups within the same field. These ratings are susceptible to fluctuations depending on the nature of the contest field type.

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