Editing Entries (DraftKings) - Written Tutorial

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Downloading Template Files From DraftKings

(If you're using FanDuel, please use this version)

-After you have created and saved lineups, browse to My Lineups/Entries in Player Models.  If you're not sure how to create and save lineups, first check out our Player Models tutorial.

-Browse to www.draftkings.com in order to grab your contest information.  Click on Lineups, then ‘Edit Entries’, then ‘Download’.  The file you'll download will be called DKEntries.csv.  If the file has another name, this is not the correct file.



Uploading Template Files to FantasyLabs

 -Next, go back to the FantasyLabs website and click on My Lineups/Entries within Player Models.

-Click on ‘Upload Entries


-Upload the file you just downloaded into the ‘Select or Drop File’ area

-Click ‘Upload Entries

-If successful, you will see a list of your contests under ‘View Contests':


Editing Entries with Mass Replace

-You can choose to edit your entries by type: GPP, Cash, or Leagues.  Click the corresponding checkbox in the above image to target that contest type.  You can also select an individual contest: for example, the 5 entries in the ‘Dime Time’ contest above.

-Now that you have selected a contest to target, the ‘Lineups’ tab will show you the lineup(s) that are currently entered into this contest.  In the screenshot below, you can see that 1 lineup represents the 5 entries in this contest currently.  Also, the ‘Mass Replace Tool’ button will appear:


-To replace your entries in this contest with new lineups, select ‘Mass Replace Tool’.  You will see something like the following:


-Since there are 5 entries into the contest, we need to export 5 lineups into it.  As you can see above, the ‘new lineups’ tag contains 5 lineups.  You can select multiple tags, but if you do not have enough tagged lineups to match the number of contest entries, you should create more lineups and save them to a tag group.  Select the tag group(s) and hit ‘Submit’.

-Now, when you select this same contest under ‘View Contests’, you will see the new lineups listed here.  For example, here are the five lineups tagged ‘new lineups’ now entered into the ‘Dime Time’ contest:


Export a single lineup into all contests

If you instead wish to export a single lineup into every one of your contests, select the 'Export' button located above your lineup in 'My Lineups/Entries'.  Next, select the contests you wish to export this lineup into and hit 'Submit':



 Export Entries

-Now, you are ready to export your contest file to upload the edited entries back to DraftKings.

-In the screenshot below, select ‘Download Files’.  To replace existing entries, select ‘Download Entries’ on the right side of the screen:


-Your edited file will be called FantasyLabs_Entries_DK_XXXXX.  If your file does not match this naming convention, you have downloaded the incorrect file.

Uploading the New Files Back to DraftKings

-Finally, we need to upload this .CSV file back to the operator site.  On DraftKings, go to the Lineups tab, select the correct slate on the left side of the screen, and upload the CSV file on the right side of the screen:


-You will see a ‘Successfully Uploaded’ message when the upload is complete.

-Once the upload is complete, you will return to the Upcoming tab and you'll see the newly edited lineups.


Starting Over/Clearing Out

If you've come to a point where you want to delete all of your lineups and entries in order to start fresh, on the My Lineups/My Entries tab, select Delete Lineups.  Next, click on the 'Need to delete entries too?' link:


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