Models Missing from iPhone or Android App

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One common issue users encounter when using our app is that when Player Models is opened, models are missing.  Currently, you can access any models you have stored in "My Models" via the app.  This means if you have not copied any models into "My Models" previously, you will not have any models available through the app.

You can create a "My Model" by going to the full desktop site (, opening Player Models, and then creating a new model (Open>Add).  Adjust the settings to your liking through the "Build" tab and then hit "Update".  Once you reopen the app, this model will now appear.

If you want to be able to use a Pro Model on the app (eg: Phan Model, Bales Model), you can simply copy that Pro Model into My Models.  To do so, open Player Models on the full desktop site.  Next, click on the blue box labeled "Open" to the right of the model's name.  Click on "Open" from the drop-down menu that appears.  Next, click on "Pro Models" in the upper-right corner of the following screen.  Select the model you want to open by clicking "Copy".  This model will now be accessible to you through the app.

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